Thursday, February 16, 2012

President Obama plans to eliminate America's deterrent

Remember this if you remember anything: In 21st Century America if you vote for a Democrat on any level, you vote AGAINST the security and future of the United States of America! God save us all.

President Barack Obama (DEMOCRAT) plans to reduce America’s nuclear arsenal to around 300 warheads, a level the USA had in 1950. That was when America had one enemy, the Soviet Union aiming nuclear missiles at the USA.

Democratic Party leadership
The USA once had over 30,000 nuclear warheads providing a formable deterrent. Currently America’s enemies, Russia, North Korea, China, and soon Iran have nuclear weapons. With an increase in nations aiming nuclear weapons at the USA President Obama (DEMOCRAT) plans to reduce the USA’s deterrent to laughable levels.

This president, these Democrats are not the Democrats of President Truman, or President Kennedy, who were American patriots, concerned with the security and future of these here United States of America. In a saner time 21st century Democratic Party leadership would be arrested and tried for treason!

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Anonymous said...

just MHO - it's worse than that my friend. Sadly the entire guise of the Soviet Union and Communism as an enemy of the US was completely manufactured by global elitists; there is so much that the USA has done in the name of its people within the 20th century, amounting to unforgivable crimes against humanity all in the name of power and $$. Me, you, my parents, your grandparents, our great-grandparents, all kept in the dark about the real agenda of American foreign policy. Why is this spilling over into the 21st century? I encourage you to please watch 'The Power Principle'

Thank you for your optimism and let's hope real change can be affected by someone in power in our lifetime...let us all wake up!!!