Monday, August 9, 2010

Vietnam nuclear help from the USA

The Wall Street Journal reported the USA is in talks with the Viet Cong in Vietnam to help with their nuclear development. Huh? Iran, it is wrong to go nuclear, but commie Vietnam okay?

United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been playing patty-fingers with the commies in Vietnam. This all to the ire of the Chinese who do not welcome this development. Why would the USA be looking to agitate China and resurrect another Cold War? The Cold War with the Evil Empire – Soviet Union – USSR has been buried now the Cliontonistas and the Obama regime seem to be itching for a new Cold War with China.

Some background: During the Bill Clinton administration while Bill was soiling The White House Oval Office, his Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown went to Croatia on a fact finding mission. This was in 1996 in the War in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Yugoslavia, and Eastern Europe. NATO was ill-equipped to settle the conflict, so once again the USA had to help resolve another European conflict.

Secretary Ron Brown had previously returned from Vietnam with a $700,000 donation for the Clintonistas. Soon afterwards trade increased between Vietnam and the USA. Then oddly President Clinton sends Ron Brown to the European war theater, and his plane crashes killing him.

The Clintonistas also during his and her campaigns accepted illegal campaign donations from the Chinese military. So now the Clintons are helping Vietnam go nuclear thus upsetting their other benefactors, the commies in Beijing. See you can never trust a communist, while a communist should never trust a Clinton.

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Bethany said...

Hi there,

I am a University student and just wrote a paper on propaganda. Your blog, with the title "Propaganda Buster", intrigued me since in my studies I have learned a lot about the history of propaganda in our nation and specifically in the government. After reading some of your blog posts and looking at the advertisements you have strategically placed on your site I find it interesting that you are also employing great amounts of propaganda. I take it from your posts that you dislike the Democratic party very much. It is wonderful that we live in a nation that allows us to voice our opinions with freedom. Your blog is a great example of that freedom. In my paper on propaganda I compared the history of totalitarian governments use of propaganda with the history of the American government's use of it. I came to realize that the two governments have historically employed propaganda in very similar way, even though they differ greatly in their governmental structures and values. I would agree with you that our government today uses propaganda all the time. It is so important that as citizens of democratic nation we are critical of this propaganda so that it is not abused and innocent people are not hurt. However, I think that in your attempt to expose the propaganda in the government, you might be taking a wrong approach. You yourself are employing propaganda that attacks the political ideas that you do not like. This makes your case less credible. Your advertisement on the side of your blog about Palosi is very much a Conservative form of anti-liberal propaganda. You write that you know that people will not agree with you, but that healthy debate is a positive thing in a republic. I agree with you! Perhaps you should just change the title of your blog from "Propaganda Buster" to something more fitting since you are using so much propaganda yourself.

Tony aka: PropagandaBuster said...

You are correct; I do employ propaganda to balance the propaganda from the left. The difference is I make no attempt to hide my political slant and make it rather obvious. Between my right-wing bias, and the leftist bias of the news media, the truth can be found. Or at least provide the reader with an alternative.

My dislike is not towards all Democrats, just the leadership of the Democratic Party of the last 30 years.

All government employ propaganda, the USA as well as the totalitarian governments. The difference is totalitarian use propaganda to hide their evil intentions, while democracies historically use propaganda to perpetuate representative democracy and capitalism for the benefit of all its citizens.

Oh, incidentally I do not select the advertisers that appear on my blog, they are automatically assigned by Google. I think they pick up key words in my descriptions to select the advertisement.

It is too late for me to change the name of my blog as it is related to my YouTube channel of the same name. Once a name is established on a YouTube channel, one is stuck with that name on the channel.

Thank you for your comment and wish you success in your studies.