Thursday, August 12, 2010

Japan, no term for "racial profiling?"

Appearing in The Dallas Morning News was a column written by Kumiko Makihara. Ms Makihara is a writer and translator in Tokyo, Japan who is Japanese by birth and ancestry.

Reading that column and other columns written by Ms. Makihara, one can only be impressed with her articulation and excellent writing skills. The fore mentioned article sort of takes to task the Japanese authorities using racial profiling to identify those in Japan illegally.

She continues to write as if it is a negative that few Japanese attend colleges outside Japan plus a majority having no desire to live outside Japan. Negative? That is a positive that many people in Japan enjoy life there as having no desire to live anywhere else. After all the nation enjoys one of the lowest crime rates in the world. With Tokyo being one of the safest cities why would anyone want to leave?

Here is a link to her column:

When reading Ms. Makihara’s columns one is able to feel the full flavor and intention of the spirit of the article / column. The columns are thorough, informative, and fact based.

Here are some of her columns:

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