Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bullying, Tony's story

As you can see me in my videos I am not tall in height. I spent my first thirty years in Brooklyn, and never was bullied. I only got in one fist-fight and lost terribly. I went home all bruised and examined what had happened, when I realized this was not a desirable route and vowed never to get in fisticuffs again.

From that point I made sure I got along with and related to all in my age group through my schooling. Most important was the way I carried myself and conducted myself. I was confident, self-assured to the point where I was accused of being pompous.

With the school year beginning and with respect of recent suicide by children who suffered from bullies, I felt this was a subject to discussed. My advice to prevent bullying is smile, be self-confident, most of all have self-respect.

School administrators try to address bullying employing various methods. Understand a bully will always find a way to bully while circumvented the best efforts of most adults. I am not writing or saying in this video my solution will work for everyone. This video posted just to relate how one person, me, managed to be one of the un-bullied.

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