Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Toyota Recall hearings, the fraud exposed!

Concerning the Toyota recall and shameful Congressional investigations, it could be classified as fraud, if not mass hysteria to generate business for Toyota’s competition. In this case for General Motors and Chrysler, both stolen by the Obama regime.

Recently a report in The Wall Street Journal exposed this fraud. The government (U.S. Department of Transportation – National Highway Traffic Safety Administration - NHTSA) investigated the data recorders boxes on many of the crashed Toyotas. It was discovered the drivers instead of hitting the break pedal to stop, hit the gas pedal thus causing the vehicles to speed up and crash. Basically the problem was stupid drivers, not the Toyota’s.

Chrysler and General Motors are basically owned by the U.S. government which is currently controlled by the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party and the Obama administrating beholding to the unions. The United Auto Workers union has Toyota in their cross-hairs because Toyota factories in the United States are not unionized.

Wall Street Journal article:


This contributes to two reasons the Democrats in Congress are exploiting the Toyota recall. Toyota is a Government Motors competitor, and to please the United Auto Workers union. This is nothing but exploitation by the Democrats and the UAW.

Toyota produces reliable automobiles and Japan and Toyota are owed an apology for this shameful attack upon their honor by the Obama Administration and the Democratic Party.