Friday, August 6, 2010

School attacks in China

There have been numerous articles appearing in newspapers and news website about attacks taking place at schools in China. These attacks have been reported over a series of months taking place in various parts of China.

In each situation a crazed lunatic enters a school and attacks with a knife, hammer, club or other non-firearm weapon, almost always resulting in death. Many of the deaths involve school children.

As a result the Chinese authorities have ordered schools to hire guards. Teachers and school staffed have been supplied with mace to ward off an attacker. Also many have received instructions in the martial arts.

Recently an article appeared in The Dallas Morning News reprinted from The Los Angeles Times about an attack which took place in s suburb of Zibo, killing four and injuring 20 staff members and children. The bum Fang Jiantang attacked a kindergarten (Boshan District Experimental Kindergarten). In the article it was reported: “…raised new concerns that the government was not making enough effort to stop the attacks.”

Since China is not inundated with surveillance cameras to the level of London, it is impossible to track 1.3 billion Chinese. These attacks are tragic, however given the circumstances the government is doing what can be reasonably expected.

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