Sunday, August 29, 2010

China number two economy

China, The Middle Kingdom has now emerged as the nation with the number two economy, with Japan now being number three, and the USA number one. It is estimated within ten to fifteen years China’s economy will surpass the USA.

Nothing but numbers. One must examine what is behind those numbers. Some more numbers: According to the United Nations (UN), their Human Development Report (HDR), Japan is number 10, the USA number 13, and China number 92. Once again just numbers. More numbers: The average person in China earns around $3,000 a year, in Japan $37,000, and the USA $42,000. Of course more numbers.

Forget about the numbers and examine the quality of life in all three countries. The poor in China in some areas live without electricity, running water, and flush toilets. If one adds up the total in the USA and Japan combined with such amenities it would be far below the per-capita rate in China.

The average poor in the USA has a home, a car, micro-waive, cell phone, washer, dryer, central air, heat, Internet, home computer, flat screen TV, free healthcare, free food, child care, free education, to name a few. One can only hope the poor in China will one day be as poor as the poor in the USA.

When or if China moves to the number one spot then Japan and the USA can rest and let China be the number one benefactor to the world when it comes to helping with natural disasters, and military situations. It would be a time to see the new China translated to a benevolent China, surpassing the USA and Japan. Go Middle Kingdom!

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