Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hooters: exploits and degrading?

On a recent episode of a television show titled, Undercover Boss, it was about the CEO of Hooter’s parent corporation. The program involves CEO’s of various companies working undercover at entry level positions in their corporation while being video taped.

The Hooter’s CEO first went to a Hooters in Dallas. Hooters is a restaurant famous for chicken wings and waitresses attired to allow one to enjoy their stunning gifts.

While on the job the CEO with two Hooter girls went on the street to distribute free chicken wings and urge people to visit their restaurant. Two ladies approached and expressed their displeasure towards Hooters because it was exploiting the women workers and degrading to them.


How is it exploiting when the ladies know the attire required of them and the nature of the restaurant? They collect lucrative tips for both their pleasant personalities and eye-candy looks. It could be said they are exploiting the customers. However the customers also know what the situation is when entering the establishment.

How come it is not said athletes are not being exploited for their bodies and physical strengths / abilities? These women exercise and diet to keep in shape. Spend time working with make-up to enhance their natural beauty, and work hours on their hair. So what’s the difference between them and athletes?
Degrading? Nonsense, once again these ladies know the situation before hiring on. The only ones who complain are either Sea Shepherd type men or ugly broads who become feminist. After all feminism is the refuge of ugly broads who are jealous of others not burdened with an abrasive personality as feminist are


starbird said...

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孫邦柔 said...

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