Sunday, August 8, 2010

Israel beware, you have been warned!

Recently in The Dallas Morning News was an article reprinted from The Washington Post titled “Jordan River baptisms called unsafe.”

Christians from all over the world gather at a place in the Jordan River in Israel where John the Baptist baptized Jesus Christ. This is the location many enter the Jordan River to be baptized in the same location as Jesus Christ.

Not so fast! A group in Israel named “Friends of the Earth Middle East” is urging the Israeli government to close down this location claiming the waters are contaminated and unsafe for the people to waddle into.

The Israeli authorities test the waters twice a year and report the water contamination levels are save. The article states the same water would not pass U.S.A.’s Environmental Protection Agency’s test. Guess what? The Jordan River is not in the USA, it is in Israel, meaning the EPA’s standards are irrelevant to the discussion.

21st century environmentalists add nothing to enhance lives, but to stifle our daily lives. They are basically anti-capitalist and devoted to telling the rest of us how to live our lives.

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