Saturday, May 29, 2010

Obama, Sestak, Clinton, and backroom deals

President Obama when running for office said his regime will be open and no backroom deals. On Election Day 2008 in Philadelphia at a voting location, the New Black Panther was accused of voter intimidation. The United States Justice Department initiated an investigation.

When the Obama regime took office, the new Attorney General Eric Holder halted the investigation into the voter intimidation allegations. Coincidently the chairman of the New Black Panther Party Malik Zulu Shabazz (born Paris Lewis) is listed on The White House visitor logs. Remember, no back room deals.

Senator Arlen Specter from Pennsylvania (the Keystone state) was a Republican RINO (Republican in name only) switched to the Democratic Party. He did this knowing he could not get re-elected as a Republican. In the Democrat primary he was challenged by U.S. House Representative Joe Sestak.

The Obama regime wanted to keep Specter in the Senate. The Regime’s White House Chief of Staff Raham Emanuel dusted off ex-rated Bill Clinton to offer Sestak a White House job. Clinton offered Sestak a position on the President’s Intelligence Advisory Board, if Sestak would end his challenge to Specter. Sestak declined the offer.

The White House said no law was broken. Really? Not according to U.S. code title 18, chapter 29, section 600:

TITLE 18 - PART I - CHAPTER 29 - section 600


See chapter 29, then section 600

The U.S. news media which is lock step with the Democratic Party basically is about to let the story die because they accepted no law was broken as stated by the Obama regime. When President Nixon said the same, the U.S. media went after and succeeded in tearing him apart.

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