Sunday, May 16, 2010

China Death Vans

There are around 68 different crimes if committed in China, one can be executed for. Executions were once conducted by a single bullet to the head of the condemned. This was messy and demoralizing to those having to hold the condemned person and fearing the splattered blood may contain AIDS (HIV).

In the early days of the Nazis regime in order to purify the race and society, they would eliminate via executions, those deemed to be a burden on society. Such as the elderly, handicapped, mentally challenged, etc. The Nazis accomplished this gruesome task by telling the about to be murdered, they were going for a ride in the country. They loaded up these unfortunate souls into hermetically sealed trucks. The exhaust pipe of the truck emptied into the sealed truck, thus asphyxiating the occupants.

The communist learning from the Nazis developed what are death vans. These vans travel throughout The Middle Kingdom (Communist China) from one penal institution to another carrying out executions on prisoners who broke the law(s) and condemned to death.

The condemned are given a lethal injection and put to death. Once dead, the corpse is harvested for the organs. The remaining unusable body is then driven to a crematorium for cremation. The harvested organs taken to hospitals to be transplanted into people waiting for new organs. Organ tourist coming mainly from other Asian nations travel to China to receive such organs.

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