Tuesday, May 25, 2010

North Korea, the response, what a joke!

The North Korean torpedo attack upon the South Korean naval ship the Cheonan, resulted in the murdering of 40 South Korean sailors. To the delight of that nut north of the 38th parallel, Kim Jong-Il in the head (Dear Leader) the world’s response is impudent.

United States Secretary of State: Madam Hillary Rodham Clinton to show solidarity with America’s ally in South Korea spoke harsh towards the idiots in the north from Tokyo. Huh? Is Madam Secretary aware the capital of South Korea is Seoul and not Tokyo?

Clinton does not want a regional response, she wants a UN response. That is because the commies in China would not be able to veto a regional response, but can and will veto a UN response. See the campaign money the Chinese military poured into Bill and Hillary’s election funds is proving to be a good investment for the commie military.

Will the South Koreans shut down their industrial park just north of the 38th parallel in Kaesong, North Korea? Will Japan shut down the pachinko parlors in Japan owned and operated by the North Koreans?

A few years ago there were massive demonstrations in Seoul attempting to block the importation of U.S.A beef to South Korea. Where their any demonstrations in Seoul against the North for murdering 46 South Korean sailors? Hmmmm?

Okinawa / Futenma: Now do you understand the importance of USA based and the strategic alliance between Japan and the USA? Do you think it is time for Japan to revisit Article 9 of their Constitution? Considering The White House and Congress are under the Democratic Party both of whom are pacifist when it comes to using the military.

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