Sunday, May 16, 2010

Miranda omitted for terrorist?

Historically in the past when terrorist or attempted terrorist were arrested in the United States, they were read their Miranda so-called rights. All though many were non-USA citizens, they were still allowed Constitutional Miranda rights. Many in the United States objected reading Miranda rights to non-USA citizens who are terrorist.

Recently a U.S. citizen was arrested in the attempt to blow up Times Square in Manhattan (New York City). He is a citizen of the United States and read his Miranda rights. Once again controversy surfaced.

United States Attorney General Eric Holder announced perhaps the nation should re-examine reading Miranda Rights to terrorist.

Background: The Miranda decision by the U.S. Supreme Court was in 1966. The decision was based on two amendments to the United States Constitution, the 5th and 6th Amendments.

The parts were in the 5th Amendment, “self incrimination,” and the 6th Amendment “right to counsel.” Also before Eric Holder (Democrat) became Attorney General, the law firm be was a member of defended terrorist pro-bono (for free, no charge). So now this man who belonged to a law firm that defended terrorist for free wants to forego reading Miranda Rights to terrorist.

Using a little clause in the original Supreme Court decision standing the reading of Miranda Rights can be waived when it involves “public safety.” So today the Obama regime says terrorism is “public safety.” Who is to say then next they expand to any other behavior they deem a threat to “public safety?”

We must insist U.S. citizens always be read their Miranda Rights.

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