Saturday, May 29, 2010

Fort Hood, the government failed to protect - again!

1-Political correctness is at the core of what happened at Fort Hood
2-Due to political correctness, racial profiling is not permissible without being subjected to sensitivity training. Although the murdered exhibited identifiable behavior.
3-It was not his religion or his family’s heritage that should have raised alarms, but what he said and advocated should have raided alarms.
4-It was reported he praised suicide bombers & jihad.
5-These overt signs were ignored for fear of being politically incorrect.
6-Further proof the sickness of being political correct due to diversity he did not see himself as an American, he was born in the USA
7-Per political correctness’s diversity one must not embrace American but embrace ones ethnic heritage.
8-September 11th, 2009: Boston airport wanted to stop hijackers but did not want to be accused of racial profiling. That was American Airlines Flight 11 from Boston’s Logan International Airport, the first plan to hit the World Trade Center’s North Tower.
9-Thank you liberals for the tragedy of 9/11 and the one in Fort Hood, Texas.

The enemy is us masquerading as political correctness. Are we doomed?

Free America Day – November 2, 2010 – Congressional Elections

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