Friday, May 28, 2010

Is Sea Shepherd ignoring the real poachers?

Recently Sea Shepherd and Sea Shepherd types have accused the Japanese whalers of poaching. In the last whaling season Japan brought in around 680 whales. That comes to less than one a day if spread out through a calendar year.

Since Sea Shepherd claims to be very concerned about poaching, how come they are not addressing a real poaching problem? The real poaching problem is taking place in Africa where over 36,000 elephants are poached (slaughtered) a year just for their ivory. The rest of the majestic animal is left to rot. Whereas the Japanese whalers use the majority of the whales carcass for food and various other byproducts.

That comes to around 100 elephants a day compared to less than 2 whales per day. So where is the real poaching taking place? Are elephants as smart or if not smarter than whales? How many elephants commit suicide as oppose to the number of whales who beach themselves?

Sea Shepherd and their types do not address the poaching problem in Africa because it is easier and safer for the cowards to address the Japanese whalers and exploit their politeness. Do you think the cowards of Sea Shepherd would have considered ramming a vehicle into an elephant poacher’s vehicle in Africa? Hmmmm?

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Unknown said...

Because fighting poachers in Africa will result in getting shot in the back of the head.