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Watson throws O’Barry under the bus

Watson throws O’Barry under the bus

Ric O’Barry of the Dolphin Project arrived at Narita Airport, Tokyo, Japan, and was quickly detained by immigration authorities.  The following is from Ric O’Barry’s Dolphin Project website:

“Officials also accused him of making “The Cove” movie, as well as being related to Sea Shepherd, an anti-poaching organization. O’Barry has denied both accusations.”

The operative word is “denied.”  Mr. O’Barry denied any relationship with Sea Shepherd and the movie The Cove.  Acting quickly to exploit Ric O’Barry’s detention, Paul Watson of Sea Shepherd wrote the following in part on his Facebook page:

“Ric O’Barry has been there also, in fact he first came to Taiji with the Sea Shepherd crew in 2003 and when he returned with the production crew of The Cove a couple of years later, he did the practical thing and renounced his association with Sea Shepherd and we of course understood why he had to do so.

In 2003, two Sea Shepherd volunteers cut a net and released 16 dolphins back to the sea for which they were arrested and held for a month before being released upon payment of an $8,500 U.S. fine which was only about $500 per freed dolphin, so not really a bad deal. Sea Shepherd was told not to return to Taiji and we were told that even wearing a Sea Shepherd shirt would be reason for expulsion.”

Ric O’Barry being detained by Japanese authorities denies Sea Shepherd or The Cove affiliation and Paul Watson quickly writes oh yes he did.  Not only that, then Watson points out that during that year O’Barry was part of Sea Shepherd in Taiji, it was during that affiliation Japanese law was broken and some engaged in vandalism.  Watson in essence was attempting to provide more information for the Japanese authorities to deport O’Barry from Japan.

This is an excellent example of what a despicable person Paul Watson is.  Here is Ric a fellow so-called “animal welfare” advocate in detention facing deportation and Watson aims to assist in his deportation.  Apparently there is no honor among Watsons. 

Ric O’Barry’s Dolphin Project, along with Paul Watson’s Sea Shepherd Cove Guardian descends upon Taiji, Japan to “document for the world” the dolphin activity that takes place there.  While at the same time seeking donations from people around the world to support their “save the dolphin” activities.  There is where one can find the burr in Watson’s saddle. 

O’Barry’s Dolphin Project is seen by Watson as a competitor to their fund raising.  The money raised by the Dolphin Project belongs to Sea Shepherd, if Ric O’Barry and company were not in Taiji.  With Sea Shepherd it is all about money, first, foremost, and only.  The dolphins are only used as props to get compassionate people to part with their money. 

For a few years Sea Shepherd’s Cove Guardian team leader was a lady named Melissa Sehgal.  On Melissa’s Facebook page she wrote the following:

“I am a professional Animal Communicator and Psychic Medium, able to bridge the gap of communication between Humans and Animals and the Living and Deceased. As an Animal Advocate, I travel worldwide fighting against animal cruelty.

A true voice for the voiceless :-)”

According to her Facebook page Melissa has the ability to communicate with animals “living and deceased.”  Why then did not Melissa use this communication gift to tell the dolphins to swim away from Taiji?  When the captured dolphins where held behind nets in Taiji waiting to be either harvested or shipped to marinas how come Melissa did not communicate to the dolphins to jump over the nets or swim under the nets to freedom?  Those nets are reportedly only around three feet deep. 

There could only be one answer:  The dolphins were worth more to Sea Shepherd being captured, then harvested and / or shipped around the world.  It was in this activity Sea Shepherd’s videos, photographs, and live-streaming brought in the money from people around the globe.  See it is all about money and not about saving dolphins.  They had a person with an ability to assist in freeing the dolphins and selected not to exercise that talent.    

Watson’s miserable behavior has caused many one-time Sea Shepherd members to abandoned ship in disgust.  Members of the Faroe Islands land crew switched sides and started feeding the Faroese information.  Scott West and family abandoned ship.  A number of his fleet members assisted Ady Gil in his legal action against Sea Shepherd.

Compared that to how many people who have abandoned Ric O’Barry’s group.  If any have, none have come forward.      

Sea Shepherd with Paul Watson at the helm is a discredited band of “pirates” as labeled by a United States Federal Court and “eco-terrorists” as labeled by the United States FBI.  He is a man wanted on three continents racking up multiple lawsuits causing one-time loyal members to abandoned ship.  Yep, that sounds like a man reputable people would want to follow ------ don’t think so.  

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