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Australian newspaper buckles to Sea Shepherd bullying

Australian newspaper buckles to 
Sea Shepherd bullying

The Daily Telegraph an Australian newspaper on 24 December, 2015 published an article titled “Shark Wits,” on their front page.  The front page article was accompanied with a photograph of Sea Shepherd’s circus flag.

The article addressed the situation concerning shark attacks.  In some regions to protect bathers (remember this is summer in Australia) nets are placed supported by drums to keep the nets at the waterline.  These are known as drumlines which block sharks and protect humans.  An unfortunate residual of these nets are some sharks and other marine creatures get caught up in the nets. 

It is because of this “bycatch” of dimwitted sharks and unsuspecting  sea creatures that have so-called animal protection (animal rights / animal welfare) advocates demanding the nets be removed.  The cult group, floating circus Sea Shepherd being one of them.

The article “Shark Wits” reported damage to the nets and alludes to perhaps Sea Shepherd had something to do with the tampering.  The article did not outright accuse Sea Shepherd, but mostly quoted others.  The clowns of that cult group being thin skinned demanded The Daily Telegraph remove the article from their website. 

The Daily Telegraph illustrating that journalism in Australis, just like in the United States, is a façade and dutifully acquiesced to Sea Shepherd’s bullying by removing the offending article.  Journalist integrity anyone?         

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Sea Shepherd bellyaching about the Australian news article:

Here is the article Sea Shepherd is or was in fear of.  To view the full article use your cursor to scroll the screen to the left.

Australian shark drum lines:

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