Saturday, January 9, 2016

2015 a Traveling Year

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2015 a Traveling Year

During the year 2015 we traveled extensively.  This video reviews the travels through our photographs.

February:  Tokyo Japan to work on a book with Kent Gilbert.

March:  Traveled to New York City for a “Texas Night” in Manhattan.  The event was protested by Koreans living in the New York City area.

July / August:  Okinawa confronting the anti-American Communist.  Then on to having conferences in various cities throughout Japan.  Later we travel to attend the United Nations Human Rights Committee, afterwards traveling to UNESCO in Paris, France to submit Comfort Women documentation.  Then on to Vatican City, Rome, Italy.  Back to Tokyo and then Texas.

September:  Fredericksburg, Texas to visit the National Museum of the Pacific War.  

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