Saturday, January 9, 2016

Bill Cosby had to be done in

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 Bill Cosby had to be done in

Comedian / entertainer Bill Cosby is being accused of rape / drugging up by a number of women over about a forty year period.  How come all of a sudden these accusations are seeing the light of day?

Very simple Bill Cosby had to be taken out, done in.  He is a black superstar entertainer with considerable influence.  In recent years Mr. Cosby has been very critical of those in the black culture who promotes, expand, and participate in negative behavior. 

This criticism had crossed the line of political correctness.  A person of his esteem and heritage should not be critical of the negative behavior within a culture and then expect not to be targeted.  This will also serve as a lesson to other prominent black Americans; keep your mouth shut with your conservative views.    

To many women the stardom, popularity, and influence Mr. Cosby enjoyed are an aphrodisiac and he would not have to drug women to bed with. 

There is a lot of skullduggery going on and Bill Cosby is the victim.

Bill Cosby thanking his fans for their support:

List of women claiming rape / drugs:

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