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Okinawan Communist / leftists book censorship

Okinawan Communist / leftists book censorship

Communist / leftists in Okinawa, Japan are attempting to suppress a book by Dr. Robert Eldridge.   

Doctor Robert Eldridge an American who once taught at a university in Osaka, Japan, and worked for the United States Marines in Okinawa, Japan.  Mr. Eldridge no longer is employed by the United States Marines, he writes books, magazine articles, newspaper columns, and speaks at conferences throughout Japan. 
He has a lovely Japanese wife and wonderful children all enjoying the good life in Okinawa.  Recently he authored a book titled “On Okinawa” or “About Okinawa” (オキナワ論 在沖縄海兵隊元幹部の告白).  The book is selling well throughout Japan except in Okinawa.  Huh?  The communist / leftists have intimidated book stores into not offering the book. 

Typical behavior of Communist, leftists, cult groups (like Sea Shepherd) and the Democratic Party in the USA.  They fear opposing views and attempt to eliminate all opposition or independent thought.   

A brief description of the book:

The book is called "Okinawa-ron (ron is pronounced not like the name, but like the "o" in lone or loan. It means "On Okinawa" or "About Okinawa". It literally means, a Theory about Okinawa. The subtitle is: The Memoirs of a Former Okinawa-based U.S. Marine Corps Official . It is a memoir of the past 6 years in Okinawa, to include dealing with the Hatoyama administration, the deployment of the ospreys, the anti-base movement and media, as well as community relations and Operation Tomodachi. It also discusses Mr. Eldridge’s long involvement with research about Okinawa and his realization of how "academics" and the media are too blame for much of the misunderstanding about Okinawa and the various agendas they pursue. It does not settle scores with anyone. It just tells the truth as he saw it.

It is explosive in sales. About 17,000 in one week. Yet, banned for the most part in Okinawa with the exception of a couple of big bookstores. It sold out quickly on Amazon, so if you are unaware of the book, and don't see it at your local bookstore, you would have no way of knowing about it. Okinawa is like China or North Korea, the Leftists are killing their own people intellectually and/or policy-wise.    

It would be a wonderful rebuke to the Communist / leftists if many people in Japan would purchase Dr. Eldridge’s latest book.

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In this article in Pravda, the Russians claim Dr. Eldridge was “head of the US Marine Corps in Okinawa.”  Perhaps in Russia “freedom of the press” means “free to print lies:”

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