Monday, January 11, 2016

North Korea H-Bomb United Nations Japan

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North Korea H-Bomb United Nations Japan

North Koreans are claiming to have detonated an H-bomb / hydrogen bomb.  The United Nations immediately criticized North Korean stating the Koreans were in violation of a U.N. resolution.  To show the U.N.’s anger towards North Korea they threatened to issue another resolution.  Huh?

North Korea ignores a UN resolution and to punish the North Koreans for that violation another resolution will be issued.  That will put the fear of the U.N. in those North Korean communist.  What a pathetic joke.

Further proof how worthless the United Nations is.  It has developed into an international body run by thugs and despots.  A good example is the United Nations Human Rights Committee.  One of the member nations on this committee is Saudi Arabia.  The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which restricts women and religious freedom.  There are around twenty-two offensive in Saudi Arabia that the punishment is execution / death:


Aircraft hijacking



Armed robbery




Drug smuggling


Home invasion




Sexual misconduct






Waging war on God


This UN Committee accepted human rights violation charges from leftists in Japan against the Japanese government.  How hypocritical is that to have a civilized nation like Japan answer human rights charges to a committee inhabited by a nation such as Saudi Arabia.

This tarnish Committee vilifying Japan by accepted unsubstantiated charges from leftists is a travesty of international diplomacy.  Japan being a highly civilized nation which honors human rights on all levels.  Recently in Okinawa, Japan a group of Japanese patriots (and myself) confronted anti-American Communist Okinawans.  The police gently kept the two group separated to avoid the possibly of a physical confrontation. 

Other nation would have met the two groups in riot gear and Billy clubs.  But not in Japan, the police with white gloves gently stood between the two.   

Article about Saudi Arabia on the UN Human Rights panel:

Article on UN North Korean resolutions:

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