Saturday, January 30, 2016

Bill Clinton (Hillary’s husband) Rap Sheet according to Breitbart

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Bill Clinton (Hillary’s husband) Rap Sheet according to Breitbart

While the Democratic Party continues to accuse the Republican Party in engaging in a “war on women,” it is their own Bill Clinton (Hillary’s husband) who has engaged in his own war on women over forty year period.  A list of some of his victims as detailed by Breibart:
Kathleen Willey – Sexual Assault – 1993
Connie Hamzy – Sexual Harassment – 1984
Junaita Broaddrick – Rape – 1978
Eileen Wellstone – Sexual Assault – 1969
Sandra Allen James – Sex Assault – 1991
Christy Zercher – Sexual Assault – 1992
22 Year-old Yale student – Sexual Assault – 1972
University of Arkansas student- Sexual Assault – 1974
Paula Jones – Sexual Harassment, Character Assassination 
Monica Lewinsky – Character Assassination
Gennifer Flowers – Character Assassination
Elizabeth (Ward) Gracen – Extramarital one night stand
Dolly Kyle Browning – Extramarital Affair – 1992
Sally Perdue – Extramarital Affair
Lencola Sullivan – Extramarital Affair
Elizabeth Ward – Extramarital Affair
Susie Whitacre – Extramarital Affair
Bobbie Ann William – Extramarital Affair

When women came forward and accused Hillary’s husband (Bill Clinton), it was Hillary who initiated “bimbo eruptions” with the goal of discrediting Bill’s numerous victims. 

A vote for Hillary is a vote for a war on women.

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