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Why I Love Japan: “One Pound Gospel” television show

Why I Love Japan:   
“One Pound Gospel” 
television show

Japanese television show, nine episodes “One Pound Gospel,” about a boxer (畑中 耕作 Hatanaka Kōsaku) Hatanaka Kosaku (played by Kamenashi Kazuya) falls in love with a Roman Catholic nun (シスターアンジェラ Shisutā Anjera) Sister Angela (played by Kuroki Meisa).  The show is respectful of Catholicism free of any form of criticism.  Sister Angela is pretty and devoted to her religious convection.  The other nuns at the convent are devoted with just one antagonist.  They treat the orphans well and mother superior is a kind elderly lady. 
The members of the boxer’s gymnasium are very respectful towards Sister Angela and Catholicism.  Remember now, in Japan about 1% of the population are Christian and of that less are Roman Catholic.  Yet popular culture as seen in this television series is respectful, which is emblematic of the Japanese.

Now take this same plot and bring it to the pervert thespians in Hollywood and this is what one would expect:  The boxer and nun having sex in the church on the altar.  The nuns would be verbally and physically abusive to the orphans.  Mother superior would be of course a sadistic tyrant. 

The majority of people in the USA identify as Christian while the majority of the pervert thespians in Hollywood are anti-Christian and that theme can be seen in their television shows and movies.
Why I Love Japan?  They are respectful of all religions and have no fear of religion.      

The show was nine episodes on network NTV in 2008, a romance comedy. 

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