Friday, February 21, 2014

Comfort Women statue SAYONARA

Comfort Women statue SAYONARA

The City of Glendale, California placed in a city public park a hunk of junk, a statue dedicated to the Comfort Women issue, an issue between Japan and South Korea.  The Koreans have targeted the USA to be a dumping ground for this junk to drag the USA into this dispute.

February, 2014 Dr. Koichi Mera representing the group “Global Alliance for Historical Truth” (GAHT) filed a lawsuit in a Federal Court in California.  The lawsuit is asking to have the hunk of junk statue removed from the park in Glendale because it violates diplomatic rights which belong exclusively to the Federal government, not states or municipalities. 

The Comfort Women issue has been placed by the South Koreans, specifically South Korean President Park as a diplomatic issue and continues to lambast Japan over it.  The South Koreans have used this issue as a vehicle to stunt diplomatic relations between Japan and South Korea. 

Remember the state of Arizona had its law concerning illegal immigrants overturned because a Federal Court ruled immigration is in the exclusive sphere of the Federal government, not the states.  Extrapolate that to states / municipalities involving themselves in an international dispute falls within the responsibility of the Federal government.     

Hallelujah!  It is about time!

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