Saturday, February 15, 2014

Comfort Women issue to pollute Australia

Comfort Women issue to pollute Australia

Korean and Chinese nationals living in Australia have conspired and agreed to pollute Australia with hunks of junk resembling monuments / memorials concerning the settled Comfort Women issue.

This insidious plan is Japan bashing at its core.  The group has a list of ten objectives concerning polluting Australia with this junk.  One of which is “urging the United States to block Tokyo's move toward rearmament.”

This objective comes right from the commies in Beijing.  A military strong Japan would serve as a   Polluting Australia with these hunks of junk plays right into Beijing’s communist objectives.  The Comfort Women shake-down thugs are being exploited by the communist in China.
deterrent to communist aggression in Asia.

It is rather interesting Australia was selected for this Japan bashing where Sea Shepherd a Japan bashing organization enjoys an enormous amount of support. 

This form of Japan bashing was allowed in Glendale, California, and at the Angouleme International Comics Festival in Angouleme, France.  The next victim will be Australia. 

Interview in this video was with a South Korean television YTN reporter at DFW airport in Texas, USA.      

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