Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sea Shepherd running scared again

 Sea Shepherd running scared again

The cowards of that floating circus Sea Shepherd are running from the Japanese whaling fleet AGAIN!  The rust-bucket garbage scow the Steve Irwin sailed into New Zealand’s EEZ – Exclusive Economic Zone to avoid the Japanese vessel following them.  Once within the EEZ Sea Shepherd demanded the New Zealand government take action.  The compliant New Zealand government issued a complaint about the Japanese vessel within their EEZ, while stating the Japanese vessel did not violate any New Zealand laws.

The other rust-bucket garbage scow the Bob Barker sailed into the sanctuary of Australian trying to avoid another Japanese vessel following it.  Why are these brave defenders of the oceans, the clowns of Sea Shepherd running from the Japanese and shivering in fear within the safety of Australian and New Zealand waters?  Who or what is on those Japanese vessels that have the cowards fleeing in fear?

Past whaling seasons Sea Shepherd attempted on numerous occasions to snarl the propellers on the Japanese vessels by using rope/steel lines to cross the bow.  Now that the Japanese are using the same tactic back on Sea Shepherd’s rust-buckets, the trust-fund babies are complaining. 

Sea Shepherd has been labeled by the United States government as being both eco-terrorists and pirates.  This is the same group Australia and New Zealand is providing sanctuary while being critical of their ally, Japan.  Australia and New Zealand were once colonies of the United Kingdom, however they seem to have a French sense of justice.            

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