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Hate in Angouleme France and the Nicolas shuffle

Hate in Angouleme France 
and the 
Nicolas shuffle

Video of the actual confrontation:

Blog explaining in detail what happened:

At the forty-first Angouleme International Comics Festival in Angouleme, France, the French engaged in a pathetic exhibition of Japan bashing.  This was done in the fine tradition of French justice which is an oxymoron. 

One of the Festival organizers shut down the Japan manga booth claiming it was political and politics was not allowed at the festival.  When asked about the South Korean exhibit bashing Japan over the Comfort Women issue if that was political.  He replied, no because it was historical fact.  Historical fact?

Angouleme, France Japan bashing at comics festival
One of the approved Japan-bashing manga panels at the South Korean exhibit illustrated a Japanese World War Two fighter plane dropping bombs exploding on the ground, the bombs being women.  To the French that is an historical fact and not political.  Meaning the French actually believe the Japanese used women as bombs during World War II.  

On a court building in Paris, France, a few blocks near Notre Dame Cathedral is some type of French court building.  On the stone façade of this court building are the three French words comprising their national motto: 

Liberte (liberty)
Egalite (equality)
Fraternite (brotherhood)
There should be a fourth one: Hypocrite  

According to a lawyer at the Festival it is a violation of French Law to deny an historic fact.  No one was denying that Comfort Women existed, just offering an alternate view on how women became Comfort Women.  To offer an alternate view to an historical fact is also not permitted.  Is France a democratic republic?   Per Wikipedia the French form of government is: “Unitary semi-presidential constitutional republic.”  Does that mean freedom of expression and freedoms of speech are not free in the French republic?  Vive La France!

The Frenchman Nicolas in the video could have come right out of Central Casting in Hollywood to portray all the negative stereotypes in a comedic movie centered on French eccentricities.

Suggested new sign for the train station in Angouleme, France  

Viewed in this video the “Provocateur Dance” or “Nicolas Shuffle,” video footage provided by “The Fact.” 

The two photographs of the Angouleme train station featured in this video are of the actual train   However the signs “Angouleme – Japanese not welcomed” were added using Microsoft Draw.  The signs do not actually exists.           

Link to Texas Daddy store:

Suggested sign for the train station in Angouleme, France

Japan bashing endorsed in Angouleme, France

Hate towards Japan endorsed in Angouleme, France

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