Thursday, February 13, 2014

Martyn Stewart detained in Osaka, Japan

Sea Shepherd detained in Osaka?

Martyn Stewart (not a member of Sea Shepherd) an anti-whaler and save-the-dolphin enthusiast traveled to Osaka, Japan on his way to Taiji, Japan.  Mr. Stewart noted on his Facebook page the authorities at the airport have him detained.  He claims he was accused of being Sea Shepherd and an eco-terrorist, the reason for his detention.  Really? 

For the past six months dozens of Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians on their way to Taiji, Japan traveled through the same airport Mr. Stewart is currently being detained.  How come?  Could it be he was detained because of his past reprehensible, rude, and vile behavior in Taiji?  

Mr. Stewart’s supporters started a Facebook page “Free Martyn Stewart.”  Excellent idea, free Mr. Stewart and deport Mr. Stewart.      

NOTE:  Martyn Stewart is not a member of Sea Shepherd.

The save-the-dolphin emotional wrecks on social media are going absolutely hysterical over this.  Believe it or not the only voice of reason coming from this group is the fugitive Paul Watson.  Here is what fugitive Watson wrote:

“I have been asked about what I am going to do or what Sea Shepherd is going to do about Martyn Stewart who is presently being detained in Japan. The answer is nothing. Martyn Stewart is not associated with Sea Shepherd and he is being detained at the airport while they decide to let him into the country. It is not an arrest. This happens to many of the Cove Guardians. Sometimes the decision is to let them come into the country and sometimes they are refused and put back on the plane to return home. Martyn Stewart will either be given permission to enter Japan or told to go home. He has his cell phone and access to the internet. Other Cove Guardians simply read a book to pass the time. This is NOT a serious situation and we expect he will be released very soon.”

Is Mr. Stewart a liar or out of touch with reality?  Below is what he wrote for his Facebook page.  He claims he was deported from Japan because the Japanese do not want Westerners in Taiji.  Sea Shepherd’s Cove Guardians have been in Taiji for around six months and almost all of them are Westerners.  Mr. Stewart is aware of this because he too at one time was a Cove Guardian.  
So is he a liar or out of touch with reality?          

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Facebook page dedicated to “Free Martyn Stewart.” 

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