Monday, February 17, 2014

Sea Shepherd provocateur deported from Japan

Sea Shepherd provocateur 
deported from Japan

Martyn Stewart (not a member of Sea Shepherd) an anti-whaler and save-the-dolphin enthusiast traveled to Osaka, Japan on his way to Taiji, Japan.  Mr. Stewart was detained at Osaka’s Kansai International Airport and subsequently deported.  Mr. Stewart rambled a host of reasons from a conspiracy to the Japanese Mafia.  Why not blame President Bush?

Sea Shepherd recently announced Scott West the superior to the inferiors of the Cove Coward Guardians was also detained and deported from Japan.   Why is it Japan in the span of less than a week deported two Westerners thus interrupting their journey to Taiji?  The Japanese people in the communities surrounding Taiji have enjoyed for six months the huge amounts of money these Cove Guardians spend.  So why stop two more provocateurs?

The Cove Guardians earlier reported over 200 dolphins were captured at once and were about to be viciously slaughtered.  Coloring the text of their frantic pleas with:  “Kidnappers,” “murders,” “tearing families apart,” “causing trauma among the dolphins,” and “killer boats.”  This caused the non-diplomat United States ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy to Tweet her objection to the dolphin activity in Taiji.

That crossed the line brought to the forefront the Western hippies in Taiji were now causing a diplomatic rift between Japan and the United States.  Japan does not want a diplomatic rift with Washington, DC caused by spoiled trust-fund babies from the West who enhance the Taiji area economy.  The Tweet from Ambassador Kennedy was a public relations coup for Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians as well as a wakeup call for the Japanese authorities.

Yes Kennedy’s Tweet brought world-wide attention to Taiji while it brought Tokyo’s attention to the hippies in Taiji.  Folks these two deportations do not represent the end to this issue. 

NOTE:  As of this writing it is still questionable if Mr. West was deported from Japan in 2014.

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