Thursday, March 28, 2013

South Korea cyber attacked

South Korea cyber attacked

Recently South Koreans computers were the victim of a massive cyber-attack.  This attack hit three major television networks and three major banks totaling around 32,000 computers.

At first the commies in North Korea were thought to have originated the attack.  Later it was blamed on the commies in red-China.  Thinking it was North Korean commies or Chinese commies were not unrealistic as both nations have launched cyber-attacks previously.

Now the South Koreans offered an “Oops.”  They now say tracing the IP address the attacks came from three countries in Europe and the USA.  Huh?  How come they named the USA and not the three countries in Europe?  Perhaps they should have said, “One country in North America and three countries in Europe.”

Why single out the USA by name?  Could it be the South Korean way of saying “thank you” for maintaining 28,500 American troops on the Korean peninsula ready to protect South Korea?  Or could it be the South Koreans could not identify the three countries in Europe, only knowing it came from three separate locations in Europe?  감사합니다

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