Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Marriage Equality exploited by liberals in the USA

Same Sex marriage exploited by
liberals in the USA

The liberals in the USA are exploiting the same-sex marriage issue to advance their hideous agenda.  By extension they are also exploiting homosexual couples in the USA.

Once same-sex marriage becomes legal in all fifty states, the liberals then continue because once they attain a goal they never stop.  The liberals will then get a same-sex couple to approach a Catholic priest to perform a wedding ceremony.  Once declined the liberals will then move to have the Catholic priest’s ability to perform a legal wedding / marriage.  Meaning the Catholic couple who gets married in church will not be legal; they must also have a civil wedding.

Once the liberals succeed in marginalizing the Roman Catholic Church in the USA, they will then move to finish off the remaining Christians, the Protestants. 

To achieve the liberal greater goal of total degradation of America they started by renaming “same-sex marriage,” to “marriage equality.”  Who in America can be against anything with “equality” in it?  When “marriage equality” is law throughout the USA how can one stop a parent from marrying one of their children?  What about one sibling marrying another?  How about the fifty year-old pervert wanting to marry a nine-year old?  Remember “marriage equality.” 

Then you have those depraved people who copulate with animals.  See there is a movement to afford animals “human rights.”  Once that is accomplished then comes “marriage equality” where the pervert can marry the abused animal.

The liberals in the USA main and only goal is the total destruction of the country and will exploit any human emotion or abused animal to achieve their reachable goal.  They are a sick bunch we must challenge daily. 

Saying “yes” to these bums once means you will have to continue to say “yes” to them.  Stop it now with a loud resounding “NO.”

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