Monday, March 18, 2013

Obama's drones

Obama drones kill Americans okay
United States Attorney General Eric Holder of the Obama administration recently claimed it is legal for the Obama Regime to use drones in the United States to kill American citizens without due process.

With this announcement and clear violation of the United States Constitution there was virtual silence from the American bias compliant news media, the perverts in Hollywood, academia, and liberals. 

Some years ago these same people when President Bush was in office with the Patriot Act they were literally screaming the loss of liberties.  President Bush wanted the government to listen to overseas telephone calls to known terrorist and they cried.  President Bush wanted to track bank transactions from Americans to overseas terrorist groups and once again they complained and moaned over the imagined loss of liberties. 

Yet with the Obama Administration stating they have the legal authority to murder Americans in America and all you can hear from liberals and the left are the sounds of crickets.  American liberals riddled with hypocrisy and inconsistency.  

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