Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sea Shepherd "Dam Guardians"

Sea Shepherd living large
hurting the environment

Sea Shepherd Dam Guardians on the Columbia River, USA 
UPDATE:  The RV was parked on Army Corps property and searched by authorities.  Later it was reported the inside of the RV looked like a flop house.  No surprise there!


Zero X said...

Hey Tony,
It's been a while but I just thought I'd stop in and see how things are going. I see the Sea Shepherd losers are still out and about and hawking their Marxist snake oil!
Anytime I see them running "Whale Wars" on cable, I fire off an email to the CEO (or whoever) of that network and give them the background on those extremist pirates and promise not to support any of the sponsors of that show.
Keep up the good fight, glad to see you are still out there keeping an eye on the rascals!
Now that I'm fully retired, I will be joining the fray in anyway I can!

Anonymous said...

Tja, solche selten dämlichen Kommentare kommen von Leuten die von tuten und blasen keine Ahnung haben.. Loser scheinst eher Du zu sein, denn wenn Du mal so eine Kompanie mitmachen würdest, würdest Du Dir in die Hosen scheissen und nach Mama schrein! Solche Kommentare kommen immer von Hunden sie zwar laut bellen können aber wenn's Hart auf Hart kommt, dann ziehn sie den Schwanz ein. Pfui!