Monday, March 18, 2013

Pop Tart school suspension

Pop Tart school suspension

A seven-year old attending the Park Elementary School in Maryland accused of fashioning a pop-tart into a handgun.  For this simulated violent transgression the child was suspended for two days. 

To compile this politically correct incorrect overreaction the school sent letters to school parents advising an incident at school may have upset the children.  To resolve any issues the children may have after seeing a pop-tart the school will have counselors available for the disturbed students. 

Providing counselors is an insidious act of subterfuge masquerading as concern to train the children to seek refuge not with family or clergy but with professional counselors.  Thus training the children into adulthood to rely on strangers for comfort as oppose to family and clergy.      

It took forty years of political correctness and hijacking of popular culture, academia, public schools, and the news media to get the USA were it is now where such ignorance is the norm.  It will take another forty-years to regain sanity back to the culture in the USA, if that road to travel starts today. 

Proposed legislation: Senate Bill 1058, introduced by State Senator J. B. Jennings, “The Reasonable School Discipline Act of 2013, as labeled by the conservative website The Daily Caller “Toaster Pastry Gun Freedom Act.”

Student suspended for pop-tart gun:

Pending legislation to prevent indoctrinators (teachers) from acting this stupid again in our re-education camps (public schools):

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