Monday, March 18, 2013

Balkanized America

Balkanized America

This church should become a tourist attraction for those wishing to see the payoff of years of diversity indoctrination in the USA (United States of America).  At one time students were taught that America was a melting pot.  Meaning people from all over the planet (earth) came to the USA, brought their cultures and melted in America contributing to the richness of the combined culture forming one culture, the American culture.

Then about 40 years ago the extreme liberals along with the political correct crowd in their desire to eliminate the USA from being a prominent nation, forced a concept called diversity into our public schools, academia, corporate America, and the pervert thespians in Hollywood.  Their desire was to eliminate the melting pot and create a Balkanized America, a divided America.  An American where our oneness was no longer celebrated, but that which divides us, our ethnic heritage was to be paramount.

The Balkans is a region in Eastern Europe where the identity is not with the nation / state, as the borders in that region of the world are fluid.  They change about every 30 or 50 years, thus eliminating any allegiance to a nation that may not exist in the near future.  Thus their identity / allegiance lies with their ethnic identity as that remains a constant.

This concept disguised as diversity in the USA attempts to do the same, keep the USA divided and have Americans not loyal to the nation, but to their ethnic identity.  Resulting in English being a second language in the USA as in most parts of the world.  Americans are not Americans, but as members of distinct ethnic groups separated from one another with nothing in common as preached by the devotees of diversity. 

We are not hyphenated Americans, we are Americans, one nation, one language, and part of a history eliminated.   God help America!    

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