Sunday, March 3, 2013

China televised execution?

China televised execution?

There was a murder in Burma (Myanmar), discovered in Thailand, caught in Laos, trial and execution in China.  Huh?

Thirteen Chinese sailors were murdered on the Mekong River in the Golden Triangle of Southeast Asia.  A Chinese vessel sailing down the Mekong River is attacked in Burma (Myanmar), resulting in thirteen Chinese sailors murdered on the vessel.  The dead bodies on the vessel were discovered in Thailand.  The accused Burmese named Naw Kham was captured in Laos and sent to China to be tried and executed. 

The day of the execution the preparation and walk down the hall to be given the lethal injection was televised up to the point to be administered is when the televising stopped.

Supposedly Naw Kham confessed to the murders while in commie custody.  Question:  Has anyone ever accused of murder while in commie Chinese custody maintained a plea of innocence?    

Administering the lethal injection was not televised  

Naw Kham
-          Accused
-          convicted
-          Executed  

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