Sunday, October 9, 2011

Texans in the "Lost Battalion" and the Japanese-Americans

During World War Two in France a group 270 from the Texas National Guard were encircled by the Nazis and cut off from the rest of the American military. There were two attempts to break through the siege, however both failed. The Texas National Guard became known as the “Lost Battalion.” An American commandeer finally called up the 442nd to break through the siege.

The 442nd was made up of Japanese-American citizens. When America entered the war, Franklyn Delano Roosevelt (FDR) ordered the internment of Americans of Japanese ancestry. Many of which were born American citizens and naturalized citizens. The government feared there were fifth columnist among these American citizens who because of their ancestry became suspect. While in the internment camps, rather than build on hate for what was done to them, they volunteered to join the army and participate in America’s war on fascism.

The 442nd served bravely in Italy and France. This unit earned five Congressional Medal of Honors, ten Distinguished Service Crosses, and six Presidential Distinguished Unit Citations.

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