Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sea Shepherd terms of endearment

In almost all of my Sea Shepherd related videos I use a number of terms in reference to the group. This video is an explanation of those terms.

Captain Kangaroo: It is not in reference to the popular support they enjoy in the continent nation of Australia. It has to do with the leader of the group looks like a children’s television host from the 1950’s.

Admiral Beauregard Watson: There is a photograph of Watson in his office with a Confederate flag (CSA – Confederate States of America – The American Civil War 1861 – 1865). Based upon this photograph illustrating his love and/respect for the Confederacy, gave him a name prominent in the Southern USA (the heart of the Confederacy) name being “Beauregard.” “Admiral” comes from his crew who refer to him as “admiral” because Sea Shepherd has a few vessels to their fleet.

Watson with the Confederate flag photograph:

The Paulrus: This is a name given by the people of the Faroe Islands and is a cross between “Paul” and “walrus.”

Cabin Boy: Name given to Peter Helmethead of Sea Shepherd, appearing in many of their campaigns.

Cowards: Because they generally harass passive people rather than people who have a history of not being passive.

Rust Bucket / Garbage Scows: A few years ago their vessel (an older version) the Steve Irwin was confiscated by Canadian authorities. A member of the Canadian Coast Guard sent photographs of the vessel and all the rust left on it by Sea Shepherd’s sea worthy crew.

Eco-Terrorist: Is a term used in reference to Sea Shepherd by the USA’s Federal Bureau of Investigation – FBI. Link to FBI’s article:

Culinary Imperialist: The act of a foreign culture attempting to impose its dietary habits upon another culture with force, tacit force, intimidation, or coercion. All methods employed by Sea Shepherd on cultures foreign to them.

Cult: The followers of this group adhere to, obey, and follow their leader blindly, without question, and without any concern for their safety. Could we expect group marriages next? Just stay away from the Kool-Aid

Fleas, bed bugs, lice, tics, and yeast infections: After looking at the Cove Guardians in and around Taiji, Japan, their personal hygiene comes into question resulting to the infestation of the earlier mentioned vermin.

Terms used and not mentioned in this video as they explain themselves:

She Shepherd and $he $hepherd

Link to a link to Sea Shepherd’s 2009 tax return;

Article concerning Sea Shepherd’s questionable financial dealings:

Excellent expose and financials:

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