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Sea Shepherd "Divine Wind" campaign passing wind

Link to "KUDAN" rap song about the Kamikaze, the lyrics in both Japanese and English:

The cultist of Sea Shepherd failed last Southern Ocean whaling season to get dramatic video from the Japanese whalers.  The Japanese end their whaling season a month early foiling the cult leader and his trust fund minions.  No dramatic video footage for Animal Planet’s Whale Wars. 

The following summer the cowards on their rust bucket garbage scows sail to the Faroe Islands confident the descendants of the Vikings will provide that dramatic video needed to save “Whale Wars.”  However the good people of the Faroe Islands did not cooperate and deprived She Shepherd that dramatic video footage they tried to incite through insults upon insults.  No whales were in the Faroe Islands to harvest for food thus causing the cult leader (Captain Kangaroo, Admiral Beauregard Watson, and “The Paulrus”) to take his minion cultist and left the Faroe Islands.  The next day the whales entered the Faroe Islands (the grind) and close to 100 whales were harvest. 

The Japanese announced they will once again go whaling in the Southern Ocean this whaling season, starting around December.  Huh?  But earlier this year Captain Kangaroo of She Shepherd said he was 75% sure the Japanese would not go whaling again.  Perhaps the good captain should stay out of Las Vegas.

In a desperate attempt to get that denied dramatic video the cult leader announce they would engage in a campaign to prevent the Japanese whalers from whaling.  They named their new campaign “Divine Wind,” the Japanese term “Kamikaze.”  The cult group “Divine Wind?”  More like “passing wind.”  The group hijacking the term “Kamikaze,” was only designed to antagonize.  The cult leader said he had 100 volunteers according to an article in the “Herald Sun” (see link below) the announced “…..will send 100 volunteers to the Southern Ocean and is prepared to lose lives if necessary.”

The cult leader values the life of a whale over the lives of his trust fund cultists’ minions.  Their parents need to have an intervention to save the lives of their miss-guided children, because the good Captain only sees them as human fodder.  What is interesting is the good Captain said the 100 volunteers are prepared of offer their lives, not him, just the volunteers.  Advice to the minions:  DO NOT DRINK THE KOOL-AID!

“Kool-Aid” reference:

Note: mentioned in this video:  There are four things the Japanese are afraid of: 1) Earthquake (Jishin), 2) Thunder (Karminari), 3) Fire (Kaji), 4) Oyaji (Daddy).  Oyaji is the one who corrects the wrong and most afraid of has he uses thunder.  Also, Oyaji he gets angry because he is thinking of you from the bottom of his heart. 

The rap song “KUDAN” written and performed by the group “AreiRaise (see link below):

Preforming the author Shun-suke Saito and Mushikera.    

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