Friday, October 28, 2011

Sea Shepherd purposely endangering lives at sea

The cult group Sea Shepherd along with their cult leader Captain Kangaroo, Admiral Beauregard Watson, “The Paulrus” initiate dangerous and illegal activities against the Japanese mariners.

The cultists (She Shepherd) used spud guns to attack the Japanese whalers. Spud guns in Australia require a firearms license. Did the Australian Federal Police ask to view Sea Shepherd’s category E firearms license? Did She Shepherd smuggle them past the AFP? Did the AFP look the other way?

The cowards in their zodiacs purposely crisscross in front of the Japanese vessels sailing a full speed in the Southern Ocean. To what purpose? Are they looking to get rammed again and claim victim with another money grabbing dramatic video? More video for Dicovery’s Channel Animal Planet’s Whale Wars?”

The cultist continually attempt to snarl the Japanese vessel’s propellers with heavy ropes. To what aim? To render the vessel dormant in the frigid waters of the Southern Ocean?

The cowards of She Shepherd threw numerous lit flares onto the decks of the Japanese vessel and netting. Flames from these flares do burn, and burn hot. They were thrown blindly by the cult group without any consideration if the flame from these flares smacked a mariner in the face.

The cult leader likes to claim they have never injured anyone. That is not due to their competence but to their incompetence and the professionalism of the Japanese mariners.

To the parents of these trust fund babies belonging to the cult: You need to have an intervention to protect your children from Captain Kangaroo’s reckless tactics.

Legality of spud guns in Australia, see section 2:


Sea Shepherd photographs and videos courtesy of the Institute of Cetacean Research – ICR.

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Article concerning Sea Shepherd’s questionable financial dealings:

Excellent expose and financials:

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