Friday, October 14, 2011

Automobile shows in the USA ruined by political correctness and feminist

In the United States before being corrupted by political correctness and feminism, automobile shows use to incorporate aesthetically gifted females to stand near their products (automobiles). That is an ear long disappeared from 21st century America.

Recently at the State Fair of Texas in the automobile show Cadillac void of pretty women in attractive clothing, had instead a metrosexual unshaven with hair screaming for a comb, and a face burdened with an unshaven face.

A few days earlier on NHK (Nippon Hoso Kyokai or Japan Broadcasting Corporation) their English edition on American television reported on a recent automobile show in Shanghai, China. This Shanghai auto show illustrated the America that once was. The automobiles had the customary pretty girls in attractive clothing standing by their vehicles. Cadillac at the Shanghai auto show did not insult the visitors with an unshaven metrosexual in need of a comb, instead had the customary appealing women standing near their vehicles.

Also in this video are Sunday advertisements for Macy’s department store and JC Penney. Macys had four models on the front page, a Caucasian, an Hispanic, an Asian, and black American. Models chosen to meet a demographic requirement. Much like the JC Penney with the 21st century blended family on the front page. Black American female, Hispanic man, children: Asian and Caucasian. Both advertisements ignored Native Americans.

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