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Sea Shepherd, Australia, and New Zealand, is there a connection?

The cult group Sea Shepherd along with their cult leader Captain Kangaroo, Admiral Beauregard Watson, “The Paulurs,” enjoys a lofty level of support from the governments and populace of the nations of Australia and New Zealand. How come? Why?

To answer the question borrow a line from the 1976 movie, “All the President’s Men,” the quote being “…follow the money.”

Sea Shepherd’s anti-whaling terror activities are condoned by the two fore mentioned nations / people could it be rooted in “follow the money?” Whale watching in a lucrative industry in both nations. Whale Watching needs whales to watch. The Japanese whalers pose a threat to the object of the watch in the Whale Watching industry. In 2008 the Whale Watching industry brought in $172 million to Australia and in 2005 for New Zealand brought in $120 million.

Australian Whale Watching industry:

New Zealand Whale Watching industry:

Is Sea Shepherd getting a piece of this action or is it in the form of support? Sea Shepherd before leaving for the Southern Ocean to illegally target the Japanese whalers, sail from Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. When the harassment ends, they return to Hobart. After the last two whaling seasons when the rust bucket garbage scows of She Shepherd returned to Hobart, the Australian Federal Police – AFP, boarded and searched the vessels at the request of the Japanese government.

This was just a motion by the AFP to appease the Japanese government. The cultists (She Shepherd) used spud guns to attack the Japanese whalers. Spud guns in Australia require a firearms license. Did the Australian Federal Police ask to view Sea Shepherd’s category E firearms license? Did She Shepherd smuggle them past the AFP? Did the AFP look the other way?

Legality of spud guns in Australia, see section 2:

The cultists sail in to the Mediterranean Sea to engage in illegally activities to harass the Bluefin Tuna fishing vessels. The majority of the Bluefin Tuna caught is shipped to Japan. “…Follow the money..” Could it be coincidently the farming of Bluefin Tuna in Australia is a $600 million a year industry?

Australian Bluefin Tuna farming:

The cultists (She Shepherd) were recently in the Faroe Islands to harass the good people who harvest whales generous enough to swim into their fjords. This cult activity has no connection to New Zealand or Australia, however still “….follow the money.” The cultist sailed into the Faroe Islands to get dramatic video needed for the Discovery Channel’s Animal Planet’s “Whale Wars” television series. Dramatic video translates to increase viewers which interpret to high fees charged to advertisers……”follow the money.”


Sea Shepherd photographs and video courtesy of the Institute of Cetacean Research – ICR.

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Link to a link to Sea Shepherd’s 2009 tax return;

Article concerning Sea Shepherd’s questionable financial dealings:

Excellent expose and financials:

Video explaining the terms used in reference to Sea Shepherd:

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