Thursday, April 7, 2011

Who lied and people died, Bush, Obama or both?

For most of the five years after the liberation of Iraq, Democrats, liberals, the news media, and the entertainment industry kept chanting, “Bush lied and people died.” This was in reference to the pre-liberation statement that Saddam had WMDs (Weapons of Mass Destruction), and publically none were located.

Well President Barack Obama inserted the United States in the Libyan war and promised no American troops will be in Libya, “no boots on the ground.” Well according to the two links below, the USA did or does have “boots on the ground.”

American military involvement on the ground thus far has been limited to USA Special Forces in Eastern Libya training rebel groups. “Special Forces “are USA military and they wear boots. The American bombing in Libya has resulted in deaths. People died, USA military in Libya, so: “Obama lied people died’”

How come Democrats, liberals, the news media, and the entertainment industry are silent and not chanting? Very easy, President Bush is a Republican, while President Obama is a Democrats. Proving these groups were not concerned about the so-called lie or deaths, as they were really concerned with a Republican being in The White House and cause defeat in the next election for the Republican Party.

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