Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sea Shepherds verbal attack upon the Faroe Islands

Admiral Beauregard Watson of the Sea Shepherd (or the Confederate States of America – CSA) on his website accuses the good people of the Faroe Islands of basically being devil or Satan worshipers written on his site in reference to their whale harvesting: “The only problem is that the only God that would condone such horror is Satan and the Faeroes seem to serve their evil God with all the murderous devotion of cultists…..”

Here is a link to the column, if She Shepherd has not removed it:

She Shepherd accused the people of the Faroe Islands in reference to whale harvesting: “…slash, stab, and club…..” the whales. According to the people of the Faroe Islands that is a pure lie.

Truth is the whales volunteer to join the harvest by swimming into the Faroe Islands fjords. The people then slash the spinal cord resulting in blood rushing out of the whale’s brain causing death within seconds. As for Satan worships, the Faroe Islanders give thanks to God for providing them with this abundant food from the sea.

Sea Shepherd plans to pollute the Faroe Islands this summer by arriving there to “…. intervene to defend the whales ….” She Shepherd has labeled their planned harassment of the people of the Faroe Islands: “Operation Grind Stop.” They make me sick.

People of the Faroe Islands beware these Sea Shepherd people, their supporters and types are not to be trusted. They will smile to your face, praise your people, your food, your hospitality, the beauty of your land, then work to undermine you from within then after wards from afar. Shun them like you would a carrier of the plague. These girly-men and want-to-be girly-men women will always have the stench of She Shepherd upon their flea invest, bed-bug ridden, yeast infection, lice laden carcasses.

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