Monday, April 4, 2011

Burning one Koran in Florida used as an excuse to murder in Afghanistan ...

In Gainesville, Florida, there is a Christian institution “The Dove World Outreach Center,” with Pastor Terry Jones. Pastor Jones burned a copy of the Koran / Quran on March 20, 2011.

Then on April 1st people in Afghanistan and Pakistan attended religious services. Some clerics at these services mentioned what happened in the Florida swaps with Mr. Jones burning a copy of the Koran on March 20. Also urged the congregants to protest, riot, and murder. Afterwards these people stuck in the 7th century claiming to be members of the religion of peace, stormed into the streets protesting, rioting, and murdering. These savages murdered United Nations personal and other foreigners. These murders did nothing but to discredit the religion they claim to practice.

Can anyone name another religion in this 21st century where the clerics agitate their congregants to behave like savages to pour into the streets after religious services?

Are these people that insecure in their religion that the act of one lone imbecile in a Florida backwater swap would cause them to murder innocents?

The Daily Mail in the United Kingdom in an article lays responsibility for the murderous actions on the pastor in Florida rather than blame the murderers or those who urged and incited the mob. Typical of the liberal news media in the West.

Link to British news article:

Terry Jones was wrong for burning the Koran, however he broke no laws. The mobs who committed murder because of what Mr. Jones did will have to answer to God for their actions.

People need to be aware with all our protected rights and privileges come great responsibility in exercising those protected rights and privileges. Something both parties in this story seem to have forgotten.

Links to videos showing the protest:

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