Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ban on wearing veils in France and unauthorized demonstration

Recently France enacted a law banning the wearing of veils in public. The day the law became active women protested wearing veils in front of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. A few were arrested, not for violating the law banning the wearing of veils in public, but for participation in an “unauthorized demonstration.”

What is interesting is the banning of wearing a veil in public and “unauthorized demonstrations,” would not pass the constitutional test in the United States of America. Understand this video is no attempt to judge the French or the French law(s) but only to illustrate the contrast the difference in laws between the two countries.

The law banning the wearing of veils in public was not written to for women only nor did it mention Muslim or Islam. The law forbids anyone, male, female, any religion or no religion.

Article on the ban on veils:

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