Monday, January 3, 2011

Sea Shepherd on the run from the Japanese whalers

On New Year’s Day Sea Shepherd announced they located the Japanese whaling fleet in the international waters of the Southern Ocean. Boasting they located the whalers before any whales was harpooned.

Upon locating the whaling fleet Sea Shepherd commenced with their dangerous sub-human antics on the frigid waters of the high seas. They rubber dinghies were criss-crossing in front of the speeding whaling ships. Then the spoiled children proceed the throw bottles onto the decks of the whaling ships, breaking the glass upon impact creating a danger on the decks.

Sea Shepherd had on their dinghy thick ropes with the purpose of fouling the whaler’s propellers and rudder. In an attempt to leave the ship motionless in the frigid waters. She Shepherd brags how they twice boarded the Japanese whaling ships, yet the fair-minded (joke) children of Sea Shepherd installed long metal spikes / rods to prevent a boarding of their vessel.

In a gross display of disrespect to American aviators of World War Two who fought in China, called the Flying Tigers, Sea Shepherd painted their emblem, tiger teeth, on the front of their dinghy. What a disgusting bunch.

Soon news broke out (see link below) that Sea Shepherd was on the run, running from the Japanese whalers as the whalers where chasing Sea Shepherd. Huh? Why are the brave children of Sea Shepherd running from the whalers? How can one expect Sea Shepherd to enforce so-called international law if they are running from the very people they accuse of breaking the law? Very confusing and entertaining as to why Sea Shepherd is running scared.

Link to news article about Sea Shepherd being chased by the whalers:

Best part is Sea Shepherd announced that while they are being chased, at least the whalers are not whaling during the chase. Another, “huh?”


Devon McDonald said...

The Sea Shepherd Society are a bunch of parasites sucking money and support from real and effective environmental groups.

bonnie said...

Who the hell do you see at the bottom of the world saving our greatest marine mammal besides Sea Shepherd?

You are taking up space with no purpose just like the moron above who is still ugly in so many ways.