Friday, January 21, 2011

Political prisoners in commie led China

In keeping with communist tradition, the communist in China throw into prison people who do not agree with them politically. Better known as political prisoners in a commie gulag.

Notable among the many being held in China is Nobel Peace Prize laureate Liu Xiaobo. Mr. Xiaobo has been sentenced to an 11 year prison term for adding words to paper. He helped author Charter 08.

Here is a blog that list some of the notable political prisoners and their address. You are urged to write them or send a card. However please do not write anything political to avoid the guards from throwing it in the trash. From the USA it should cost about $2.66.

Best to copy and paste the address and please make sure you copy and paste the Chinese writing. Almost all of the political prisoners can read English. Here is the blog:

Messages of encouragement and well-wishing would be most helpful. Please remember no political messages.

Here are some of the imprisoned:

Liu Xiaobo
Wang Bingzhang
Peng Ming
Xie Changfa
Hu Jia
Huang Jinqiu
Guo Quan
Liu Xianbin
Dhondup Wangchen
Zhu Gengsheng
Li Yujun
Miao Deshun
Jiang Yaqun
Chen Guangcheng
Qin Yongmin

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