Saturday, January 1, 2011

Death Panels, They're back!

When President Obama’s health care legislation was being discussed in Congress critics claimed there were death panels in the legislation. The Democrats and news media said that was incorrect. In order for Democrat Nancy Pelosi to get Democrat votes needed she removed that provision from the legislation. Huh? How can something be removed that was claimed was not there to begin with?

Well the media and Democrats said Sarah Palin was being inflammatory by mentioning death panels. The legislation barely passed in 2010. Now by executive decree President Obama has inserted that provision back in. However this time it is more potent than the original provision. The original provision inserted by Representative Earl Blumenauer, Democrat from the 3rd Congressional district in Oregon. His provision called for doctors to conduct end of life discussions with the elderly every five years.

The head of the regime President Obama (Democrat) executive order calls for these discussion to be held yearly with the elderly. Doctors will be paid for holding these discussions.

Democrat Representative Earl Blumenauer sent out an email to friends and supporters about this good news for them. However he urged them not to boast about this accomplishment as not to make the news media and the blogs aware of this. An overt attempt to hide this from the public, we the people. Demonstrating Democrats have no trust in the public.

Well The New York Times (NYT), who usually adheres to the edicts from their overlords in the Democratic Party, published this story and reprinted in newspapers across the nation, including The Dallas Morning News (DMN). In the article quoting from Mr. Blumenauer’s email (Democrat), states: “The longer this goes unnoticed, the better our chances of keeping it.”

Meaning once again Democrats believe in secret government and have no trust in the voters, the schleps who put them in office.

Remember Democrats have no loyalty to the nation or the voters, only to their party.

New York Times death panels article:

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