Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hateful comments from the left ignored by the bias news media

Here is a link with numerous kill President Bush messages / placards from the left. All during President Bush’s eight years in office the left developed a cottage industry in hating President Bush and advocating harm to him. All this and the news media was silent to criticize.

Liberals are riddled with hate as illustrated by the comments on the above website, and comments left on my many Sea Shepherd related videos and my YouTube channel. These pathetic Sea Shepherd drones are self-righteous in their desire to save the life of a beast, while at the same time advocating the death, torture, dismemberment of humans. This advocacy clearly illustrates the accuracy of the title of a book written by Doctor Michael Savage titled, “Liberalism is a Mental Disorder.”

The proof of it’s accuracy? Look at the liberal bias news media attempting to politicize and hijack the tragedy in Arizona, and the insightful comments left on my videos, many illustrated in this video.

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